Komplex Karamunsing



Awaken of the Sleepy Giant
Being one of the biggest shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu, Komplex Karamunsing did not have many good time in term of business volume, for the past 10 years or so. There was just nothing excited about the place, no big name brands and no interesting stores to attract shoppers. Today all that has changed. With a new management team creating new retailing space, and attracting big name retail stores, the whole atmosphere in Komplex Karamunsing has turn dramaticaly. Shoppers are coming now and in turn more retailers are opening up new stores there.

The arrival of national retailer store like SenQ, plus 5 others local electronic stores, with their combine display area of about 10,000 square feet, the choice for TV, projector, home theater system, hifi, refrigerator, washing machine and house hold appliances are just mind blogging. SenQ has good value for their members and the other stores offer good bargain too. This has transformed Komplex karamunsing as the best place to shop for electronic goods in KK.


The next big attraction for Komplex Karamunsing are computers and computer related products. Some 10 to 15 big and small computer shops are prving their trade here. HP, Acer, Twinhead, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung just to name a few, they all have their PC and laptop on display here. Printer, speaker, modem, MP3, pen drive just so much to shop and shop. There is also a shop that deal on second-hand laptops.



Good place to have a hair cut, and hair colouring too, since there so many Saloons around. Many fashion shops mainly for women have also open up.



Malaysian loves for anything chicken is well known, and we, KKlites, are no different. Restaurant like KFC, McDonald, Chicken Hut, and Singapore Chicken Rice, they do build up a good appetite. Veda Blu and Yogurt Berry offer good desert like ice cream and yogurt. There are wifi connection at McDonald and Copy Cat Cafe ( ground floor, next to main entrance).


This Sleepy Giant has finally awaken, now Komplex Karamunsing can stand proudly as a destination that local and tourists will come for some cool goodies. shop, shop and shop..

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