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Not so long ago, when we, KKlites, want to have a good cup of coffee, we would just visit our good old Kopitiams. Then we have only two choices to make, namely Kopi O, which is a cup of hot coffee or Kopi Ping, which is coffee with ice cubes. Both of these are priced under RM 2.00 to this day. Since last year that situation has changed dramaticly with the invasion of the gournmet coffee companies from abroad. Today we have Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Beans and Teas, and San Francisco Cafe, and I believe more cafes will be opening up soon in other new Shopping Malls. Thanks to these cafes we KKlites have to thinkle a bit when ordering our coffee this day, since we have more choices now, not just Kopi O and Kopi Ping.

Kopi Ping

Popular coffee drink from these cafe joints are Latte, Ice Latte, Mocha Iced Blended, just to name a few. If you need a surprise, go for “Coffee of the day”, and the drinks come with 3 different sizes too.

Iced Caffe Latte

Brewed Coffee

Sample price from Starbucks Coffee:

Hot Brewed Coffee

Tall RM 6.50 Grande RM 7.50 Venti RM 8.50

Caffe Latte

Tall RM 9.50 Grande RM 10.50 Venti RM 11.50

Iced Caffe Latte

Tall RM 9.50 Grande RM 10.50 Venti RM 11.50

Frappuccino Mocha Blended Coffee

Tall RM 11.50 Grande RM 12.50 Venti RM 13.50

Where to locate these cafes in Kota Kinabalu. Starbucks has already opened up three outlets in KK, one can find them in Warisan Square, Centre Point and City Malls. I heard another Starbucks will be in town when 1Borneo has their soft opening in March next year.

Starbucks Coffee in Warisan Square
Starbucks Coffee at Warisan Square

Interior View of Starbucks Coffee at City Mall

Coffee Beans and Teas, the first of these cafes to venture into KK 3 years ago, has outlets in Komplex Karamunsing, Wisma Merdeka, Waterfront, and Damai Commercial Centre.

The Coffee Beans and Teas in Damai Commercial Centre

Delicious Cheese Cakes on display

Enjoying my Mocha Ice Blended

San Francisco Cafe has two outlets, one at Warisan Square and the other one at City Mall.

San Franisco Cafe at Warisan Square

Starbucks Coffee is the best place to hunt for a Wifi connection, so far the connection speed there is excellent, while Coffee Beans and Teas and San Francisco Cafe are moderate.

Enjoy Your Coffee.

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